Club Fitting

Club fitting is the process of determining which golf club brand or model will consistently deliver:

  • Closest contact to the center of the club face with a golf ball.

  • The best overall feel and performance after considering club length, lie, loft, weight, shaft material, and shaft flex.

We keep the club fitting process as simple as possible utilizing ball flight data from the Flightscope Mevo+ Launch Monitor combined with the watchful eye from a PGA Professional.

Fitting fees are waived or credited with a club purchase from our golf shop.

Driver Fitting

A driver fitting focuses on a player’s launch angle, spin rate, and dispersion left and right while optimizing the ability to hit the center of the club face. The goal is to find the right driver head and shaft that will deliver the best distance and accuracy…$29.99

Iron Fitting

An iron fitting requires analyzing ball flight data to control dispersion and maximize distance.  The proper length to enable center contact most often along with the best lie angle that will enable the sole of the club to be as level with the ground and as square as possible to the target are determined…$49.99

Wedge Fitting

A wedge fitting includes testing different wedge lofts to fill distance gaps between other wedges in your bag.  The proper bounce angle is important for the best sole interaction with the turf as well as the sand…$29.99

Putter Fitting

The most important club in the bag.  Putting is 40% of the game and the club used on virtually every hole.  The best fit is determined by head style (blade or mallet), length, lie angle, and loft.  Learn some great putting tips as well with PGA Professional Scott Karabin who is one of the best putters in the area…$29.99