Back in 1917, Judith Henn had 132 acres available in Howland, Ohio.  In that year, the land was donated to the city of Warren to be utilized for recreational purposes for its citizens.  The city originally didn’t have the intention of building a golf course on the site.  With a possible influenza epidemic facing the area during this time period, the land was intended to be utilized for a facility to treat those infected. However, when the virus failed to materialize as once thought, city council found itself owning vacant land.

After a few years, it was determined the land would be developed into a municipal 9-hole facility.  A second nine holes was added not long after.  The course opened to the public in 1928 and has been a favorite in the Youngstown-Warren area for thousands of golfers ever since.  The front nine is more forgiving but is known for its difficult starting hole.  The back nine provides a much harder challenge with tree-lined fairways.  Old Avalon’s practice area is also a great facility to learn the game.

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